updated: 6 October, 2003

16 Sep 94 die tageszeitung "Sommer in Grönland: Finken im Sturm"
Wolfgang Müller's travel report from Greenland - four of us went together on a 3-day break from Reykjavík - mentions Usako and Kousa, albeit not by their names but as Akiko's "two brown, soft toy bunnies".

Original article in Deutsch / in English (both 14K)
Thanks to Eva Schmidt for her help with the translation!

Nov 94 EGO "Mauerblümchen"
The feature on a whole range of Berlin artists begins a full-page b/w portrait of us at Potsdamer Platz (before they started building all over the area).

Click here to see the image (19K)

21 Oct 96 FOCUS "Wo die Sofas fliegen"
The feature on the nightlife scene in the former East includes a colour photo of the Schmalzwald, where we were having fun. (Kousa's hidden behind Akiko, and Usako is also so small in the pic that it would take a discerning eye to spot her!
16 Feb 97 BZ am Sonntag "Wer mein Stoff-Häschen findet, kriegt 1000DM"
17 Feb 97 BZ "Häschen wieder da"
17 Feb 97 Tagesspiegel "1000 Mark für einen alten Hasen"

Three newspaper articles reporting the famous "missing bunny" story.

You can read the whole story & see some stills from the TV report:
in Deutsch / in English

Jan 98 SIEGESSÄULE "Verqueere Welt"
The gay magazine's society page includes a colour photo of some of the participating artists at the opening of "16 Rippen (16 ribs)" womens exhibition, Gay Museum, Berlin
31 Mar 98 BZ "Japaner an der Spree: ich glaub', ich bin in Tokio!"
An article on the so-called (ie. in reality non-existent) "Japanese music scene" in Berlin, with a small colour photo of Akiko, Usako & Kousa (again, they are very difficult to recognise!!)
Nov 99 sketch vol.2 "A word from Akiko Hada, Usako & Kousa to those of you who want to be come video artists"
A summery of the lecture we gave at the Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts in the summer, with a b/w photo of us.
9 Aug 03 DV Húdir bardar í nafni Smekkleysu
Weekend edition of the Icelandic newspaper reports a concert by Bibbi & his friends a few days earlier, as part of a series of live events in parallel to Bad Taste's exhibition at Reykjavík Art Museum. The article is accompanied by a big picture of Usako, Kousa & Akiko, about 4 times as big as the photo of the musicians themselves!

See our 2003 Iceland Diary for a small reproduction of the article, as well as our report of the concert.

16 Aug 03 Morgenbladid Merking hlutanna
The "Culture Night" special pages include a detailed review of Bibbi's Hamburger Tour, with a photo of him eating a hamburger - and sharing the french fries with Usako & Kousa - at the Hard Rock Cafe, 11 August. (See below for the TV report of the same "gig".)

A small reproduction of the article is here.

7 Mar 97 KiezReporter
3-minute report of the missing bunny story, inc. interview and reconstruction of the events
19 Aug 97 Bayern3 A 45-minute TV broadcast of the Emerson, Lake & Palmer concert in Munich on 24 June. Usako & Kousa are shown in many audience shots including the title sequence!!
26 Apr 99 Das kleine Fernsehspiel
The film that made Usako & Kousa even more famous. Premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in February 99 and also screened various international festivals since.

For details of the film, some stills & other related pages, go to the "Killer" page in English or in Japanese

In addition to some film festival catalogues, the following papers/magazines printed a still image of Akiko, Usako & Kousa, along with the listings for the screening/broadcast of the film:
TV Movie, Zitty, Berliner Morgenpost, tv tip, Image Forum (Japan), Focus (in March 2000, with a small article about Das Kleine Fernsehspiel.)

12 Jul 99 GBS Radio
Usako & Kousa accompanied Akiko in the radio studio for a 20-minute interview, during which their presence was also mentioned and Akiko explained who the Bunnies were.
27 Dec 99 3sat "workstation"
A video essay by dogfilm, about the human relationship to new technologies and the media. Shows Usako & Kousa briefly at a campfire at Potsdamer Platz, and longer interview segments of Akiko are also included in the programme.
12 Aug 03 Skjáreinn
Hjartsláttur á ferd og flugi
A magazine programme with a two-and-a-half-minute report on Bibbi's Hamburger Tour, with Usako & Kousa sharing the french fries with him.

See some stills from this programme here.

7 Dec 97 Roter Salon Kunst- & Meisencafe
Unfortunately the original plan for Usako & Kousa to perform as backing singers on this evening, at one of Wolfgang Müller's popular Sunday night series, did not materialise. At least they sat on the piano onstage throughout the show...

Click to see some images from the evening (40K)

16 Apr 98 Hamburger Bahnhof "Feeding Frenzy"
In Fast Forward's concert for 7 musicians and 5 cooks, Usako & Kousa appeared for a few minutes, playing a drum/trampolin with Fast

See the 98 News Updates page for some images from the concert

Feb 01 Walter von Goethe Foundation Reykjavík The Highlight of the Month at Walter von Goethe Foundation (formerly known as Wolfgang Müller's "private" Goethe Institute) web pages is Usako & Kousa's report on their New Year's celebration in Reykjavik

The article (in German only) is at

For those of you who don't read any German, we have reproduced the page in English and Japanese (both 56K).

14 Jun 01 Jones Beach,
Long Island
There is a bootleg video going around of this Deep Purple concert, in which Usako & Kousa are seen, banging their heads, in front of the stage at several points...

2002 Käthe Kruse,
In this book, there is a small photo of Käthe, Bettina Allamoda, Akiko, Usako & Kousa. See Martin Schmitz Verlag's webpages for further details

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