BZ on Sunday, 16 February, 1997
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Capital Berlin

Artist Akiko Hada (35) is looking for her toy bunny.
It starred in a video installation once.
Photo: Lebie

"Who finds my toy bunny
will get 1000DM"

Berlin - It is probably the most loved toy bunny in Berlin.

Akiko Hada (35) from Schöneberg bought her "Kousa" for only 5 Mark 99 Pfennig in a chocolate shop - now she is investing thousands of Marks to get her little girl bunny back.

For "Kousa" is now gone. Lost on Thursday night in a taxi van during a ride from Prenzlauer Allee (Prenzlauer Berg) to Eisenacher Strasse (Schöneberg). "Kousa fell out of my bag," says the video artist.

Already on the next day she sends out 500 "wanted" letters to taxi companies, places big ads in newspapers: "I'm also offering 1,000 Mark reward to the person who finds her," says Akiko Hada.

But what makes "Kousa" so special? Akiko: "She is like a sister to me, you can't simply replace her. Besides, I've always had Kousa and another bunny with me for the last three years - day and night." Kousa is roughly 10cm big, brown with black button eyes.

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