Usako & Kousa's Iceland Diary 2003

- PART FIVE: Usako & Kousa on Icelandic TV! -

Monday 1 September : Our 2 months in Reykjavík are now over, and we have flown home to Berlin at the weekend. Just before we left, we have received a copy of the TV programme with two-and-a-half-minute report on the Hamburger Tour, so here are some stills. (Many thanks to Bibbi and the programme's produders for running an extra VHS dub for us!)

Hjartsláttur á ferd og flugi is a 42-minute magazine Programme on Skjáreinn. This report was broadcast on 12 August.
Before the meal, Bibbi is interviewed by one of the programme's two presenters, Mariko (She's half Japanese, half Icelandic. In fact, in the same programme there was another Icelandic-Japanese girl going out on an adventure trip :-)
The hamburger arrives, and Bibbi puts two small fries on the edge of the plate, for Usako & Kousa.
Bon appetit!
Mmm...tastes good.
There are some extreme close-up shots too.
And so the three of them continue eating in silence...
Soon Kousa gets bored with the potato and says she'd rather have a drink now. Usako tells her she shouldn't forget they are on camera...
In the mean time, Bibbi has almost finished his meal - Usako urges Kousa to eat up!
Not fast enough. Dinnertime's over now, but Usako & Kousa still have a big portion each left.
Thanks to all our friends in Iceland (Ásta, Eysteinn, Grétar, Óskar, Alma, Egill, Bibbi, Tina, Maggi, Egill S, Hilmar, Vardi, Jean-François, Heimir, Gúmmi, to name a few, as well as Tina & Jörg from Berlin - whom we caught up with on our last evening) for all the fun during the summer - we'll see you again soon!

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