, the film starring Usako & Kousa (along with Akiko and a score of other Berlin artists) which was premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1999, followed by a broadcast on ZDF and a round of the film festival circuit around the world.

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Germany 1999, 74 minutes, 35mm

story, direction, camera, editing:
Tina Ellerkamp, Jörg Heitmann

players / diary material
(photo / film / video /text / sound / drawing):

Max Andersson, Dagie Brundert, Alexander Christou, Elizabeth Felicella, Akiko Hada, Cornelia Klauss, Dieter Kölsch, Roswitha Kreil, Jim Lusted, Barbara Philipp, Klaus Weber

Jim Lusted

sound, graphics, internet design:
Merle Kröger, Ed van Megen, Philip Scheffner

special guests:
Kousa & Usako, Michael Gummich, Helena Ahonen, Elena Minka, Heike Makkatsch, Tsuyoshi Arai, Natsumi Komatsu

voice prologue:
Franziska Pigulla

Elizabeth Felicella

dogfilm Berlin

commissioning editor for ZDF/Das kleine Fernsehspiel:
Annedore v. Donop

Soundtrack available on:
monoculture 008 (tel: +49-30-283 11 53)


In May 1998, ten people, wanting to talk about their lives in a changing city, decide to turn their lives in Berlin into fiction. They play killer, a game in which no one knows the others, and each person is perpetrator as well as victim. The task is to find a person, designated but unknown to the player, and to plan the perfect murder for the victim. Knowing that at the same time yet another person is searching for him or her, the player looks for the designated victim. The players create a web across the city; the paths they take, the places they visit and their encounters with people all draw a subjective sketch of contemporary life in Berlin in the 'interim'...

Images from the CD-Rom presentation at Transmediale on 11 February, 2001 (47K)

Stills from the CD-Rom (44K)

Images from the premiere screening on 11 February, 1999 (46K)

Stills from the film (50K)

Text about the film (in English) by Detlef Kuhlbrodt (17K)

Text über den Film (in Deutsch) von Detlef Kuhlbrodt (21K)

Reports from our friends who saw the film (5K)

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