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Due to certain legal and practical complications, we can no longer offer online shopping services inside the EU.

Below is a list of shops and sites where our products can be ordered/purchased from.
If you have any difficulty in ordering the items listed here, please mail us, and we will be glad to inform you of alternative ordering methods.

If you are a resident of a country outside the EU and would like to order these products directly from us, please mail us and tell us which item(s) you are interested in, and we will write back with information on the price, postage and possible payment methods.

1. T-shirt (2000)

T-shirt with a 4-Bunny design on the breast and the logo on the left arm.


Details of the T-shirt design

2. Doris Meets Doris (VHS, 1993)

21 min., colour, Mono Low-Fi
With original footage by: Wieland Speck, Bo Karsten, V2, Elfe, Antje Schäfer, Bernhard Steudel & Gundula Schmitz, etc.

Historic footage of the concerts by the Berlin art & music group DIE TÖDLICHE DORIS, newly treated and compiled. The post production and subtle effects added to each segment enhance and compliment the character and mood of the piece.

More about the video

DM 36.00
Available in PAL and NTSC

PAL copies available from Gelbe Musik, Schaperstr. 11, 10719 Berlin
(tel: 030 - 211 3962 / fax: 217 6432) . For NTSC copies and other ordering methods, please mail us.

3. (VHS, 1999)

74 min., colour, stereo
Directed by Tina Ellerkamp & Jörg Heitmann
for ZDF / dogfilm

The half-fiction/half-documentary film about Berlin "in the interim", featuring Usako & Kousa, along with Akiko and a score of other Berlin artists, all playing the game "Killer".

More about the film

DM 30.00
English and German versions available
(in PAL only!)

Available for shipment within Germany from JOCHEN enterprises.
For enquiries from other countries, please mail home productions

4. CD-Rom (2001)

The CD-Rom version of is finally finished & on sale. Beautifully designed & art-directed by Natsumi, this interactive CD-Rom includes all the best scenes from the film (eg. Harakiri!) and a lot more! Usako & Kousa's walk around the art museum is extreeeemly cute :-) (In English & German.)

System requirements
Windows 98 or later: Pentium II / 350 MHz procesor, 128 MB RAM, 16-Bit Soundblaster sound card compatible, 24x CD-Rom drive, 4 MB V-RAM graphic card, SVGA (800 x 600) at 16-Bit colour depth.
Macintosh OS 8.6 or later: G3 / 300MHz processor, 64MB RAM, 24x CD-Rom drive, 800 x 600 screen display at 16-bit colour depth.

See some images from the CD-Rom (44K)

DM 40.00

Available from:
Pro qm, Alte Schönhauser Str. 48, 10119 Berlin, (Tel. 030-247 28520 / Fax 030-247 2852)
b-books, Lübbener Str. 14, 10997 Berlin, (Tel 030-611 78 44 / Fax 030-618 5810)
or directly from home productions.

5. Bunny Flip Book (1993)

A flip book, hand-made using colour xerox, watercolour and ink. Consists of 3 scenes, featuring a bunny who's come to Earth to rescue us all!

View the first section of the Flip Book
as a Flash movie (39K)

View the pages from the second section of the Flip Book as JPEG images (118K)

View the third section of the Flip Book
as a Flash movie (8K)

Thanks to Natsumi for creating the Flash movies!

9.0cm x 6.3cm, 40 pages + cover
Limited Edition of 20, signed and numbered

DM 210.00

Available from Galerie Martin Schmitz

6. Bunny Silkscreen (1994)

Inside the big Bunny, (a) light grey bunny pattern on dark grey background or (b) white bunny pattern against grey background

86cm x 122cm
Limited Edition of 30, signed

Details of the silkscreen

DM 600.00

Available from Galerie Zwinger, Gipsstr. 3, 10119 Berlin
(tel: 030 - 28 59 89 07 / fax: 28 59 89 08)