The world premiere of ""

11 February, 1999

"" was premiered at the Akademie der Künste, as part of the Berlin International Film Festival, and it received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the full-house audience.

The screening was followed by half an hour of discussion with the directors and 5 killers (plus 2 bunnies) answering questions from the audience. Here are some photos from the evening.

Usako talking during the discussion after the film - well, no, she's just pretending and miming to someone else talking, actually

With Akiko (in her bunny outfit) and our killer Barbara Philipp (codename: Maxi)

From L to R: Our first target Max Andersson (shoulder only), Directors/Producers Tina Ellerkamp & Jörg Heitmann, Karin Maeßlinger (Forum), Usako & Kousa with Akiko, Barbara Philipp. Jim Lusted was also present at the discussion but not shown in this picture.

After the screening we celebrated
with a Killer cake!

Kousa in Jörg's pocket during the post-screening celebration.

Usako after the screening, with Jörg and Harald Fricke (die tageszeitung) in the background.

Usako & Kousa hang on to a bottle of Killer sekt (German sparkling wine) while Tina cuts the Killer cake.

All photos on this page are taken from video footage shot by Ekkehard E. Kähne (Medienhaus, Hannover) - excuse the bad photo by Akiko here!!

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