28 June: We visit Óskar & Grétar in the evening - since it's so warm, we decide to sit in their front garden, drink our wine and enjoy the sun - mmmm, lovely!

2 bunnies = 1 bottle + 2 glasses :-)

The girls are too busy with the sweets to say "cheese"...
2 July: Just back from a weekend in Hell, Norway. We can watch the sun going down during the bus ride back from the airport into town.

Hafnarförður, midnight.
The sun has just disappeared.

Back in Reykjavík.

Looks more hellish than Hell!

With a bright hole in the middle.
7 July: It's 07/07/07 today, and Bibbi (who's now changed his name to Curver) is releasing sjö (seven), a DVD version of the 12" he put out 10 years ago - both versions produced in 7 days and a limited edition of 77 copies are sold for 777 Krona. We go to Sirkus at 7PM, expecting to see a launch event - as it turns out, Bibbi's just sitting in the garden, talking to friends and selling the DVDs :-)

Booze, fags and DVDs.

Drinking and chatting.

At 9, a band called Ultra Mega Technobandið Stefán start to play.

They're very energetic and great fun to watch.

Einar (Singapore Sling), Alex (Kimono), Jóhann E (Gjöll, ex-Reptilicus) & Bibbi watching the band.

These guys - called Reykjavík!, I believe - are pretty good too.

Bibbi smiling.

Alex & Jóhann looking serious.
My copy of the DVD (No. 33 of 77), with a credit card receipt for 777 Krona.

The visual content of the DVD is the original 12" record going around and around on a turntable (and in the middle of the Wednesday track, the disc gets turned over.) The audio is in 7.1 mono(!!) There is also a bonus track, a radio interview - where you see a cassette tape going around and around... It's so analogue and lovely, and surprisingly watchable.
We stay and chat until well past 2AM, then walk down to the sea to witness another beautiful evening sky, before going home to bed.
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