10 July: We visit Gallerí Tukt, inside the Hitt Húsið, to see Catherine Ness' exhibition, Hvað varð um Kanínuna... (What's Happened to the Bunny...)

It's a very nice show of her strange clay animals on the floor, and a loving b&w photo documentation on the wall of the bunny's road trip from London via Scotland, Shetland, Faroes, East Coast of Iceland, and finally to Reykjavík. Many of the images are striking - beautiful or funny, or both - and *we* know how much care it takes to take photos like those :-)

The artist is in the gallery space and kindly agrees to this snapshot of UsaKousa with the star :-)

Afterwards, we sit outside for a drink. (It's another beautiful day!)

Our Wombat Hill wine.
11 July: Lunch with Bibbi, sitting outside Grænn Kostur. As we're ready to eat, Einar Örn drops by (just back from holiday in Spain, hence the tan.)

Our dhal with samosa, and Bibbi's spinach pie with hummous. The red stuff is their delicious chilli coriander sauce.
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