30 June: Flying from Keflavík to Trondheim via Copenhagen. At our gate in Copenhagen, we bump into our friend Lars from Germany - and find out that our seats are next to each other!
Waiting for our luggage to come out at Værnes Airport, our Widerøe aircraft in the background.
Yep, UsaKousa have brought the sun with them - yet again.

The venue, outside Rica Hell Hotel, is divided into two areas - you have to be over 18 to come into this bit, where you can buy booze.

Rainbow in the sky.
It's a beautiful day for drinking & listening to music outdoors. (Many thanks to Dan for getting us in :-)
UsaKousa watching Hovercraft Pirates, a young band from Belfast, playing loud & fast, punky rock - right up their street! (Thanks for the CD, boys! We're enjoying it at home.)
After more drinking & some eating at the hotel, we come out again at midnight to watch Jeff Healey. The sun has just gone down, and there's an amazing bright orange spot in the sky. (Many thanks to Bjørn, official festival photographer, for taking this photo of the totally drunken sisters :-)
© Bjørn Fuldseth
1 July: Catching the airport bus into Trondheim in the afternoon.

A club offering "100% norsk musikk".

A CD shop summer sales poster.

An early sushi dinner at Sushi Bar (former East Sushi), before the Jon Lord concert at Nidarosdomen.

10 Nigiri + 6 Maki for 198 NOK = 17 pounds. Still very good quality, but they don't do Happy Hour at weekends any more.
By the harbour around 11PM,
looking towards south (below) and north (right).
View from our hotel window a little later. These seagulls are very aggressive and come diving very close to the window - scary!
2 July: Sushi lunch at Kyoto. 4 Nigiri + 4 Maki (78 NOK, lunchtime only) plus scallops & amaebi sashimi (55 NOK each), and a glass of Chablis. The scallop on nigiri at Sushi Bar was much bigger & better, though I like the fact the rice in Nigiri here is small - otherwise I find sushi a little bit too filling. But anyway, Sushi Bar is better value/quality for money overall.

Ice cream.

An English pub.

This house, which I photographed in 2003, is being done up.

On our flight from Copenhagen to Keflavík is a giant bunny with floppy ears and no eyes!!
We land in Keflavík around 11PM and get to see yet another beautiful sunset... Click here for the pix.