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DOME (Bruce Gilbert & Graham Lewis)
Rock Magazine, Japan, May 1981

Colin Newman interview
Rock Magazine, Japan, March 1981

Furious Pig interview
Rock Magazine, Japan, November 1981

Damon Edge (Chrome) interview
Rock Magazine, Japan, September 1980

Malcolm Lane (Metabolist) interview
13 April, 1981

Derek Jarman interview
8 April 1981

The Monochrome Set interview article
Rock Magazine, Japan, July 1980

The Monochrome Set interview
3 December 1980

Fad Gadget - Frank Tovey interview
15 March 1980

Fad Gadget - interview with Frank Tovey & Barbara Frost
12 March 1981

Cabaret Voltaire - Chris Watson interview
26 September 1981, on Encyclopaedia Electronica website
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Daniel Miller interview
15 April 1980

Annik Honoré (Les Disque du Crépuscule) article
September 1981

Clock DVA questionnaires
7 February 1981

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