Wednesday 15 November: My starter on board Finnair flight to Nagoya: an assortment of mini sushi, side salad, miso soup with lots of mushrooms. Their champagne is better than BA's :-)

Main course of deep-fried tofu in crabmeat sauce, with gingko nuts.

Cheese, fresh fruit and more champagne.
Thursday 16 November: Dinner at our favourite restaurant, Nomura again. My huge fish - steamed with sake on a bed of kombu and with a hint of yuzu.

Marinated scallops, squid and prawns cooked on a hot stone at your table.

Mmm... smelt lovely and tasted absolutely wonderful too.

Hitomi's shabu shabu in soy milk broth - you dip the meat briefly in the boiling broth and eat it with ponzu sauce.

My dad's dessert: grape sorbet and a little fruit salad on ice. (The spoon resting on a maple leaf.)
We had many more dishes, but I was too busy eating and didn't get to photograph everything.
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