Wednesday, 22 September: BA's in-flight classical music CD selection has, among Beethoven, Chopin, Stravinsky, et al, Jon Lord's To Notice Such Things. Good for Jon - except that they don't know how to spell his name...
Saturday, 25 September: Chris Meigh-Andrews comes over from Kyoto. We're going to have a look at Aichi Triennale in Nagoya.
Natalija Ribovic & Toru Fujita's big inflatable rabbit. The floor is covered with cardboard, and visitors are encouraged to make their own drawings on it - which many kids and grown-ups do.

A rabbit car.

We're not sure if this is a related exhibit too...

Lunch break. My spaghetti with squid, daikon, mizuna leaves and ponzu-sauce.

Chris loves his pizza with parma ham and spinach, and has to take a photo to send home :-)

One of the special edition Toyota Prius, with Yayoi Kusama's trademark polka dots, ferrying visitors between venues, along with pink velo-taxis.

At many screenings, performances and exhibition spaces, visitors are asked to take their shoes off before entering.

Oliver Herring's 3-screen music video piece - all footage shot at old people's homes: banging pots and pans, doing their exercises, etc. etc. Works pretty well.

Firoz Mahmud's fighter aircraft, covered with 1,204,849 beans (80kg): 354,270 green beans, 386,535 black, 128,310 yellow, 317,855 orange, 17,879 brown.)

Detail of the fighter plane.

Outside, it's already dark, and we can see Ryoji Ikeda's light & sound installation, Spectra, at Nagoya Castle, from behind the TV tower.