Thursday, 27 November: Beautiful red sky at sunset, around 4:30PM, down the road in Hagatorg. (It's extremely windy, with gale warning all over the country.)

Friday, 28 November: And it's orange in the morning. Around 11AM from my balcony (still in my pyjamas.) Less windy today, nice & crisp at -3C.
Saturday, 29 November: Another beautiful, cold day (-3 to -5C all day.) We go for a walk in the afternoon - though UsaKousa mostly stay wrapped up inside my bag.

Left: Sunlight at 2PM over the pond.
Quick lunch at Sushibarinn along the way. I see the prices for individual pieces have gone right up since September, but still OK for us foreigners. It's good quality stuff too, this set at 9 Euro (miso soup extra) does me just fine.

Clouds over the luxury apartment blocks by the sea - where the construction seems to have stopped...

And some funny-shaped ones behind the Concert Hall/Conference Centre site - where the construction is still going on.

The sea is beautiful, but it's so windy and cold out here, so we don't stop for too long...

Downtown, just after 3. The sun's not setting yet - it's perpetually low at this time of the year.
Slow dancing polar bears and penguins in a shop window. (MP4, 430KB.)

Spotted at the weekly protest outside the Parliament. Er...

Just around the corner, a strange man outside the bank.

Birds walking on ice - the pond is frozen over...

...except for one little corner with warm water running into it - where it's nearly as crowded as a Tokyo Metro station...

A ball frozen at the edge of the pond.

Nice subtle colours as the sun goes further down.