26 June: In the morning, we make a quick decision to visit the little fishing town of Grindavík, and come back via Blue Lagoon.

UsaKousa get a window seat on our 2PM bus out of town.

It's a clear day, and Snaefellsness glacier can be seen on the other side of the sea.

An aircraft preparing to land on the moon. (Keflavík Airport is close by.)

Another one.
Everyone else gets off at Blue Lagoon, so we have the bus to ourselves on the way to Grindavík. Our first stop: the Salt Fish Museum.

No, they're not real ;-)

"With Head".
The museum is right by the harbour, where a couple of guys are hauling crates of fish ashore with a crane - while two kids look on and occasionally give the guys a hand :-)

The contents of the crate are then poured into a larger crate.

But sometimes they spill over.

The boy picking it up and putting it back into the crate.

The last crate contains various kinds of fish and so need to be sorted by hand.

A simple petrol station.

A lone seagull by the sea.
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