17 August: A little party at home, where I (or anyone else present) manage to take absolutely no picture all evening - what a feat!

18 August: Menningarnótt, the annual Culture Night, with literally hundreds of free events happening all over town, all day. We start with the outdoor concert at Miklatún Park in the late afternoon.

Mínus (with their brand new lineup) onstage. TV cameras everywhere - including this interesting contraption.

A remote-controlled lens is at the end of the long stick, and attached to the camera behind the operator.

A young lad with a cool mohican hairdo, swigging mineral water.

The audience enjoying the last of the summer sun. (It soon clouds over and gets pretty cold!)
Next stop: Nordic House, which has been closed for rennovation and is re-opening today with a 9-day festival of Nordic art, music, architecture, food discussions, etc. etc. After standing at the concert, I'm happy to sit down and watch Icelandic video art for a while. Icelandic Love Corporation's Egg Balloon is funny and lovely - you can watch it here (opens in a seperate window.)
Then we hit the new venue-cum-cafe they've built next to the main house - where I can't resist the ultimate comfort food, Plokkfiskur (haddock and potatoe gratin), while listening to some very pleasant songs by a female jazz singer from Sweden.

An exhibition of sculptures & clothing by teenagers, made solely with found rubbish. Some of them are very impressive.

Our favourite piece.

And outside, they have various animals made of rubbish, which are equally funny and wonderful.

Er... is this an animal?!
We like it anyway.

It's before 9PM, but the sun is going down now... we love this dusk light.
At 10PM, we are at the recently opened Gallerí Ágúst, to catch Technowitch, a musical performance by Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir & Gísli Galdur þorgeirsson.

The artists.

The audience outside.
Thanks to Einar Örn (whom we've bumped into at the Nordic House) for telling us about this event.

At 11PM, it's time for fireworks. This year we're right there at the harbour - a big mistake! After several shots the air gets very smoky and you can't take any good photos of the fireworks on their own. Oh well, it's nice and romantic out here.
After this, you know the summer is *really* over now, so it's a little sad but at the same time a beautiful way of saying "good-by summer, see you next year."

And it's time for us to pack and go back to Berlin - which makes it doubly sad.

Thanks to all our dear friends, see you next summer in Iceland (or sooner, in Berlin or Durham or elsewhere :-)
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