26 May: A glorious, sunny (albeit very windy) day.

Blue sky, blue sea, Mt. Esja, a yacht and a seagull.

At the upstairs cafe at Iða: Kousa eyeing Grétar's big slice of apple pie with ice cream, before deciding it looks too sticky for her.

A poor little baby bird who'd obviously fallen out of his nest onto the street below. Mum & dad were flying down to feed him, so perhaps he'll be ok??

30 May: View from the kitchen window - looking towards northwest - at around 2AM.

6 June: Strange creatures in the window of a cosmetics shop.

A wet, cloudy day had been forecast, but we saw some blue sky as walked home from downtown.
9 June: An afternoon trip out to Hveragarði, a little town built on a very active geothermal area, 40km from Reykjavík. As the bus gets closer to the town, you can see steam coming out of the ground.

Tea at Grétar's mum's house: her delicious cheesecake & apple cake. We also had some Pinot Grigio (still in the freezer at this point.)

At the opening of Að flytja fjöll, an exhibition of Icelandic mountain landscapes, at the Árnesinga Museum: UsaKousa head straight for the chocolate.

Grétar seeing us off at the bus stop.

A little river/waterfall seen from our bus back to town.
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