4 August: Late afternoon at Gallerí Dvergur (Dwarf Gallery), where Linda Rogn and Anna Lind Sævarsdóttir are having a end-of-the-show picnic

It's so windy today, the picnic is held inside the exhibition space - with cheese, olives and red wine.

Anna Lind (left)'s video on the wall, Linda being a mum. To her right is her friend, also ex-Bergen student, but I didn't catch the spelling of her name :-((

Here, have some pineapple :-)

While I'm having a fag outside, UsaKousa somehow end up inside the basket with grapes and biscuits.
Later we go in search of food and hit Shalimar downtown, where the artists can't resist ordering a huge bottle of Cobra beer ;-)

Afterwards we hit the Q-Bar for a few more drinks, to finish off the very nice evening.
15 August: We go shopping in Kringlan Mall, where more works by the 11 Nordic artists (inc. Linda & Anna Lind) are on display. The shopping mall is celebrating its 20th anniversary at the same time, and there are free muffins & fresh fruit for visitors to grab.

As well as candy floss for kids...

...and popcorn, right next to Anna Lind's metal spider.
The days are getting really short now, but UsaKousa are still enjoying some sunlight on the couch every early evening.
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