27 July: Dinner at Tveir Fiskar (Two Fishes) by the harbour.

My starter of scallops (sic) with mango salsa and orange brioche. The organge, bunny-looking things are candied apricots with rosemary.

Grétar and Óskar go for the peppered bacalao starter - with horseradish? - and yogurt (possibly skyr) dressing for the salad garnish.

Grétar's basil-baked halibut (2 huge slices) with tomatoes and green pea purée, plus prawn-potato mash on the side.

My "roasted monkfish with wild mushrooms ragoút and port wine balsamic syrup." The round thing on bottom left is a baked potato cake.

Óskar's cod filet with a mountain of roasted porato cubes cemented by avocado.
(The cod looks so good, I'm jealous - even though my monkfish is very firm and delicious too.)
Our verdict:
The fish served in this restaurant, as well as its preparation, is absolutely top-quality.

They have intersting dessert recipes, but they are all far too sweet and you can't really taste their effort.

The service is nice and friendly, but very slow. Almost as slow as Berlin. OK, it's a friday night, but they should get more staff in...

Anyway, we've had very good and enjoyable dinner.
28 July: Going out in the late afternoon for the opening of Hakla Dögg Jónsdóttir's exhibition at the Living Art Museum, consisting of her video/sound/neon installations. A very nice show.

UsaKousa doing their audience participation bit. (And this piece has reminded me a little bit of Jez's installation at B2 ;-)

On the way home, we spot a sandal - this time adult-size - in the street. How do people lose their footwear?? (Losing knickers is much easier!) The mind boggles...
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