Thursday, 19 July: An early evening flight from Reykjavík (the little domestic airport in town) to Faroe Islands. After 1 hour's flight, we land at Vágar Airport through very low hanging clouds.
3 members of the Icelandic band Ultra Mega Technobandið Stefan (who are playing at G! Festival later this evening) in front of our Atlantic Airways aircraft.

An ad in the airport luggage hall.
(They really are everywhere - I mean the sheep. Once during our stay we have to drive around one sheep who's sleeping in the middle of the road!)

Car park outside the airport.
Here we get on the airport shuttle bus, and drive through the clouds into Tórshavn.

A mountain through the clouds.

Don't worry, the house isn't on fine - it's only the sun ;-)

Driving through the clouds is magic, but it's also a little spooky.

Looks like geothermal steam, but it's a cloud. (Unlike Iceland, Faroe Islands are not volcanically active.)

Here we are actually *above* the clouds, even though we're only about 300m above sea level.

As we come into town, we see that Nólsoy, the island opposite, has a nice round cap on its head.

Or is it a loooong wig?
Our hotel is by the harbour, where we have a little walk around 11PM.

(For Dan & Co.: you can seethe hill around your hotel being half covered by low clouds in this photo.)

And for everyone else: what look like dirt on my lens in these photos are all seagulls or some other birds.
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