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Our Swiss friend Hubert Bächler, who had been running a gallery in his own apartment in Zürich, under the name Musterwohnung, has moved to a new gallery space in Müllerstrasse, so we flew down for the opening weekend. As we were waiting for our Lufthansa flight at Tegel Airport, it had just started to snow heavily in Berlin - beautiful, huge snowflakes falling from the sky! Streets of Zürich was all white too, when we arrived in town.

Actually, when we say "we", this time it wasn't just Usako and Kousa - we took the little bunny brother Romeo, as well as our friend Herbert along with us! The photo on the left shows them all together inside Galerie Hubert Bächler , looking at Leo Bettina Roost's limited edition sets of Mikado sticks. BTW, the red jacket that Herbert has on is a real Tommy Hilfiger item, purchased on his last trip to NYC ;-)

After the opening, we went to a nearby Chinese restaurant for a meal. The dishes we ordered all came with all sorts vegetables cut into intricate shapes (flowers, etc.) This bird made of a massive chunk of carrot scared the bunnies right off!
Next day it was sunny, crisp and very cold, with still some snow left on the streets. We went to see Brigitte Weiss, whom we had met at the opening on the previous night, and who also has a gallery in the same street. (There is yet another gallery further down the street.) Many thanks for Brigitte for her assistance with this photo.
And... yet further down the street, there is a place called Bunny's Bar, so of course we had to take some shots - here with Hubert.

Afterwards, we've had a quiet evening and a lazy Sunday afternoon, before flying back to Berlin...

Galerie Hubert Bächler (in German)

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