Having picked up a few other passengers at the Lerwick harbour, the boat sails north between the mainland and Bressay. The first stop is the coastal area around a fish processing factory on the mainland, where many seals and seabirds hang out - for the fish waste, which is plentiful.

All looking pretty content.

Some of them come up close to the boat - probably expecting to be fed!

Some clouds observed as the boat cruised around the north side of Bressay.

Some more seals on Bressay.

On the other side, an area full of shags (black cormorants).
Shags flying off. Click on image to watch the MP4 clip (16 seconds, 604KB).

And now the remote-controlled "submarine camera" (aka "scuba-diving without getting wet"!) comes out, so that we can watch some underwater wildlife on monitors.

A couple of sea urchins beneath us - shame we can't catch and eat them!

No idea what this colourful creature is...
And now cliffs full of kittiwakes - like the ones we saw in Iceland last summer, but the Shetland kittiwakes are not as noisy as their Icelandic counterparts. And here we get really close up to the cliffs!

Lots of them.

Really lots of them.
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