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New Year's cake with a simple brush drawing of a hopping bunny on the package; inside it's a soft cake with sweet bean paste, with a bunny stamp on top. This one was a present from our friend Akiko Fujimura and comes from Tokyo, but many sweets manufacturers around the country also produced special bunny sweets for the season. (9K)
A New Year's card with a bunny playing pachinko - wishing you many happy returns, just like a successful hit returning many pachinko balls! (7K)

Details from a New Year's card. (9K)

A new year's card depicting a traditional motif of a bunny jumping over the waves, based on a line from the Noh story "Chikubujima", in which white waves under the moonlight is likened to a white rabbit running/jumping across the sea. The iron-on sticker (right) is a variation of the same motif. (8K & 5K)
Details from a purse - a strange bunny flying (?) in a position a bit like Godzilla in backward flight in "Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster". (5K)

Snow bunny! (4K)

Details from a new year's card: these are ancient Chinese characters used for religious and divinatorial purposes. You can see two types here: one which later turned into and one which became , both characters used to signify rabbit in modern Chinese and Japanese. (8K)
Coaster with hopping bunnies against floral background. There are 5 different colour schemes in the set: bright green (this one), pink, yellow, mauve and light green. (8K)

Another traditional New Year's card design with a bunny bell. (6K)

"Hangetsu (Half Moon)" from Kamakura: thin waffles filled with green tea & sweet red bean flavoured creams. Bunny relief on the waffles, as well pictures of a bunny and the waxing & weaning moon on the plastic wrapping, the box they came in, the wrapping paper around it AND the carrier bag! (11K)

A little sticker with bunny motif and "kotobuki (longetivity)" sign, one of the standard characters used on celebratory occasions. (4K)

A rubber stamp (2K)
Bunny postage stamps. These include reproductions of historical bunny stamps, from the years 1951, 99, 87 and 63 respectively (clockwise from top left) and - part from the first one - they all depict traditional bunny toys and dolls.
I know the one on the top right hand corner looks like a cat, but it is a bunny, apparently. (10K)

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