Usako & Kousa on a Midsummer Night in Reykjavík

Image taken at around 0:30AM on the night of Jónsmessa (summer solstice, in this case 21 June) 1998

(Strictly speaking, midnight in Reykjavík is at 1:30AM - Iceland using GMT despite the fact it lies
approximately 20 degrees west of Greenwich - but it doesn't get much darker than this anyway.)

"...Around the solstice there is no night to speak of in Reykjavík and in the northern part of the country, the sun does not set at all. It is believed that magical powers are present on Jónsmessa night and according to Icelandic tales, cows could be heard speak human languages during Jónsmessa night. Elves and fairies were also believed to change their habitat during the night, offering their fortunes to humans who crossed their paths and bathing naked in the morning dew after Jónsmessa night was believed to make all your wishes come true. Stones and herbs collected during Jónsmessa night were thought to carry magical powers, used to heal ailments and to rekindle faded love between husbands and wives, if handled correctly..."
From WHAT'S ON IN REYKJAVÍK, Juny (sic) 1998

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