We then take a walk to the next venue, Kodai-ji Temple. The streets in this hilly area are still full of old, traditional-style houses (mostly shops or cafes) and millions of tourists (and school kids.)
Lady A: "Oh look - cute bunnies! They're sight-seeing, are they? That's what you're taking photos of... I thought you wanted a picture of us, and I was feeling flattered!"

Lady B "Stop kidding yourself, who would want us to be models?!"

A shop selling gourds and cats and nothing else.

This one has lots of bunnies and cats in the window.
Outside a porcelain shop, they've glued various pots, cups and chopstick rests onto the ground. Can you spot the bunny (and watermelon)?
First we thought they were real maikos, but they're obviously tourists taking advantage of the "walk around Kyoto dressed up as maiko for a day" service.

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