We're in Kyoto for the opening day of Kyoto Art Walk '05.

We have time before the opening ceremony at midday, so we walk over to Honno-ji Temple, where Oda Nobunaga (Akiko's fave feudal warlord) died in a surprise raid by his vassal in 1582.

In front of Nobunaga's tomb.

It's the height of the school trip season, there are school kids everywhere we go...
Outside Nijo-jo Castle. The kitchen to the Ninomaru Palace, normally closed to the public, is the starting point of the exhibition. Our friend Yuko Shiraishi (UK) has a very nice installation there. A piece by Evelina Domnitch (Belarus) & Dmitry Gelfand (Russia), in which sound waves are made visible by chemical reaction, is fascinating too.

We pop into a restaurant on the way to the next venue. This big set lunch was delicious and only cost 1370 yen (6 pounds+) - not bad at all for Kyoto, which is the most expensive town in Japan!

After lunch Akiko spots a shop selling little bits and pieces with bunny motif, and we have to stop there, of course. This bag is one of the resulting acquisitions. These guys look a bit like UsaKousa's long lost cousins...
At the main gate of Kiyomizu-dera Temple, which is a popular spot for group shots for school trip parties (in the background.) Kousa is looking cross because she hates noisy kids, and there are millions of them around.
Looking at a whole crowd of jizo statues (they are guardians of children, both dead and alive) on the temple grounds.

Unfortunately photography is not allowed inside the temple buildings where the art exhibits are. Which is a shame, as Hans-Christian Berg (Finland)'s piece in the Jojuin house works really well in the room with the view of the beautiful garden, normally closed to the public.

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