Saturday, 28 August: A weekend trip to across South Iceland, to see the fireworks at the famous Jökulsálón glacial lagoon - and many interesting sights on the way!
R = Reykjavík
H = Hveragerði (Sunday)
h = Hvolsvöllur
E = Eyjafallajökull
V = Vík
M = Mýrdalsjökull
S = Suðujökull
J = Jökulsálón
V = Vatnajökull

A cafe in Hvolsvöllur, where we all order waffles.

Usako peeping at the rhubarb jam under the cream (which is delicious.)
Seljalandsfoss, a small but very nice waterfall just south of Eyjafallajökull.
This waterfall is fun, because you can walk behind it and all the way around it - and get a fair amount of water splashed onto you in the process. The photos below were taken from "behind" the waterfall.

UsaKousa looking at what used to be Eyjafallajökull glacier, now grey with volcanic ash.

All the ice was gone after the eruption, but as we've had a few very cold nights last week, there is some snow back on it again.
Further along the road, there's a bigger waterfall, Skógarfoss. This is the beginning of the mountain hiking route, Fimmvörðuháls, between Eyjafallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull glaciers, where the first, smaller eruption occured in March, which then triggered a bigger eruption in Eyjafallajökull in April.

UsaKousa staying a safe distance away from the water this time :-)

It's rather faint in the photo, but there's a double rainbow in front of the waterfall.
With Grétar, Óskar and Tira (who seems more interested in the waterfall than in the camera...)
A postcard showing how the waterfall looked at night during the eruption in Fimmvörðuháls (© Martin Rietze - this photographer obviously specialises in volcanoes. Check out his website for more of those dramatic photos.)
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