At around 6PM, we arrive in Vík, on the south side of Mýrdalsjökull. We dump our luggage at Óskar's parents' summer house, where they have kindly let us stay, and go for a walk on the sandy beach.

Rock columns sticking out of the sea, called Reynisdrangar.

It's a very peaceful village.
After a quick bite, we're back on the road, heading further east.

The sun is setting just as we drive towards Siðujökull, and the glacier is very pretty in pink. (A crappy photo taken from the car window.)

As we get closer to it, it looks more mysterious with the moon and clouds behind its peak. (Another blurry one from the car window.)
The fireworks at Jökulsálón are absolutely beautiful, but it's extremely windy and cold! I give up on my attempts to get some decent shots, and watch most of the show from inside the car. Sorry. But you can check out these links for images from the past fireworks there.

Sunday, 29 August: After the late night, we are all slow in the morning and need several cups of coffee. We're finally ready to hit the road at 1PM.

In contrast to yesterday's cloudless sunny weather, it's a grey day with very fine drizzle: typical Icelandic weather. Which means we get to see the same scenery in completely different light as we drive home.

A cloudy moutain.

A ghost of a mountain.

Skógarfoss (the one with double rainbow yesterday) looks like this today.

Tira having fun by the water.
On our way home, we stop for coffee at Grétar's mother's house in Hveragerði, in a geothermally very active region.

At a bakery nearby, we pick up this "hot spring bread" (apparently "baked" in the steam from the hot spring for 24 hours) to take home. It's very nice, not as sweet as the usual Icelandic rye bread, and at 250 Krona (1.60 Euro) cheap by Icelandic standards too.
We've seen far more beautiful sights - more complex "ghosts" of mountains, amazing clouds including a couple of small iridescent clouds, etc. etc. which I didn't photograph, knowing it would be endless. Oh well, perhaps next time...

Our thanks to Grétar & Óskar, for a lovely weekend!
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