We now drive further westwards, to Snaefelssness peninsula and the National Park around the Snaefellsjökull. On the way, we stop in the fishing village of Ólafsvik, "for technical reasons" again ;-)

View from the harbour. Nice low clouds on the other side of the mountain.


Where we did our "technical stuff".

A fish processing factory?
Further down the road, we stop by for a view of the Snaefellsjökull (glacier). The mountain is an active volcano, and it's been made most famous by Jules Verne's Journey to the Centre of the Earth - this is where the "journey" starts.
This whole area is full of craters, and we drive past many - like this one, photographed from the window of our minibus.
As we drive around the glacier and come out on the southern side of the peninsula, it's suddenly all overcast with low hanging clouds everywhere, and we can't see the cap of the mountain any more. (Yeah, we should have known, we'd seen them from the other side, hadn't we?)
But then our driver takes us to another attraction in the area - a crater that's broken/open at one end, so that you can drive straight inside it, called Hóla-hólar.

Here we are, inside the crater.

The "entrance" to the crater. You can just about see the tip of Snaefellsjökull in the background.

There are lots of these lava rocks all over the region.

Some have turned nice colours.
And now, we drive on to Arnarstapi
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