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9 July: During our afternoon walk in town, we saw these - they covered quite a bit area of the sky.
11 July: Hallgrímskirkja, after the organ recital, around 11pm. The statue on the right is of Leifur Eiríksson, the son of Erik the Red, who discovered America in the year... er, 1000?
Right: Looking down from the church on top of the hill towards town centre, in the north-western direction. We then walked downhill in the other direction, then through the open field north of the domestic airport, towards the university and home. It was a good evening in terms of clouds, with so many different layers & kinds (below).

It was hard to capture these low clouds in the far distance, but they really looked like heavy-duty candy floss. We did consider walking another 15 minutes to the western coast, but then it was just starting to drizzle, as you can probably see from the dark clouds (right), so we went home instead.

To be continued...

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