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17th of June is the National Day, aka Independence Day, in Iceland, when the entire town centre is turned into pedestrian areas and is filled with thousands of people, with various events going on everywhere. It's one of the very few days where you see so many people out on the streets - the only other occasions being Gay Pride in August, Cultural Night in August, and the New Year's Eve. They are celebrating 60 years of independence this year, and it's turned out to be a bright, albeit windy, day. In fact it was a bit too bright and I had problem seeing the image on the screen of my digital camera and had no idea what I was photographing!

A little dog wearing the Icelandic flag



A stall selling candy floss, dried fruit & nuts - and dried fish, of course.

They've turned street lights into giant tulips. (They are still there - 11 July.)

Icelandic belly dancers
Above left: a street theatre performance.
Above right: We were having a lunch (vegetable pancakes with rice & salad) in a veggie cafe, when another bunch of performance artists (3 guys dressed in tight black jumpers/trousers, their faces painted black too) sneaked in, nosed around inside the counter and what I was eating & the book I was reading... and then buggered off.
(We later read about the latter group, Götuleikhús, of 15 young street performers in the paper, and witnessed another of their "show" in town centre in July too.)

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