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Part 2: Berlin, 24 April 2002

We flew back quickly to Berlin, where we attended Die Grosse Stimmgabel-Show, an evening with many Icelandic artistes, put together by Wolfgang Müller (aka Úlfur Hródólfsson), at the Berliner Festspiele. Usako & Kousa, together with their friend Herbert sat on the edge of the stage to watch musical performances by the pop star Páll Óskar (with the harp player Monika Abendroth), mezzosoprano singer Hólmfrídur Jóhannesdóttir, the multi-talent Egill Saebjörnsson (now internationally better know just by his first name ;-), the hip hop band XXX Rotweiler hundar, as well as art action by Inga Svala Thorsdóttir and talks with Sigurdur Hjartarsson, the director of the Phallus Museum in Reykjavík, songs & slide show by wolfgang, etc. etc. etc. (Shame you can't see the front of the T-shirt that Herbert is wearing - it's a very limited edition www.bunnies.de T-shirt!!)
Yes, it was a very entertaining evening.

Part 3a: Berlin, 27 April 2002

A few days later, we went on a bus tour (again, organised by Wolfgang) around various venues hosting special exhibitions during this week's Island hoch festival. (In case you are wondering why there have been so many Icelandic events within a short space of time, both in London and in Berlin, it's because April 23 was Haldór Laxness' 100th birthday :-)

The 3-hour tour started at the bookshop pro qm, where Inga has a small exhibition of her drawings of elf architecture. During the bus rides, Jón Atlason gave us background information to each exhibition, as well as other useful & interesting facts about Iceland in general.

UsaKousa with Inga (photo taken later on at Kumpelnest 3000)

Hallvardur Ásgeirsson (aka Vardi, the star of Grimur Hakonarson's documentary film "Vardi goes Europe") provided some on-board music, "to compensate for the lack of Icelandic landscape".

UsaKousa with Vardi

UsaKousa, Egill and a friend, at Salon Beige

The next stop was Salon Beige, a bunny-friendly hair salon, which is also the Berlin branch of the Walter von Goethe Foundation Reykjavík (formerly known as the "private" Goethe Institute Reykjavík). Egill is showing his new video works here.

The bus then took us to the Gay Museum, where an exhibition of photographs by Bára Kristjánsdóttir as well as photographs and other Iceland- related works by Wolfgang are on show.

From there, it went on to Museum der Unerhörten Dinge (Museum of Outrageous Things), where Sigurdur Hjartarsson was exhibiting a small part of the collection from his Phallus Museum in Reykjavík for 4 days only. (I think the smallest specimen was the penis of some kind of mouse, less than 2mm long, and the largest was that of a whale's. He has larger specimens in the museum back in Iceland, but obviously could not transport those to Berlin. Sigurdur is a schoolteacher and is an incredibly amusing person to talk to/listen to, with a very dry sense of humour.)
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With Oliver Weidner, the proprietor
of Salon Beige

...and with Jón, our friendly
guide, at Kumpelnest 3000 :-)