Sunday 26 Feb: premiere of Jörg Buttgereit's book JAPAN - die Monsterinsel at HAU 1 (formerly Hebbel-Theater).
(Click on the image to view it enlarged.)

Cellist Boram Lie played some of Ifukube's Godzilla theme tunes at the beginning of the show; then Guest authors Wolfgang Müller and Jenni Zylka read their contributions onstage...

And trailers for some of the films discussed in the book (Godzilla, Mothra, Gamera and other Japanese and fake Japanese monster movies) were shown with the author's comments. Very entertaining.

We got our copy of the book autographed :-)
After drinks at the theatre's bar, some of us went on to Möbel Olfe in Kreuzberg for more, where we (naturally) saw some more friends...

A portrait of Usako & Kousa on a beer mat, by Françoise Cactus from Stereo Total.

Another one by Hervé from Cabine - who do great album covers!

Et voilà les Artistes :-)
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