22 September: The night before we had to fly back to Japan in a hurry, we had a chance for a relaxing and delicious dinner at Sjávarkjallarinn (Seafood Cellar) with our friends grétar and Óskar.

Unfortunately, I haven't had time to sort and upload the photos from the evening for 2 months, and can't remember all the ingredients and other details of each dish. (And of course they have a new menu now, so consulting their website didn't help.) Still, here they are. I do remember it was all very good quality food & service.

In the bar area at the front, they have a blue fish tank with exotic fish swimming around Veuve bottles :-)

While waiting for our food, they brought us these tiny appetizers of smoked eel in spicy salsa. Nice.

And bread came with a soy/sesame oil mixture, as well as an interesting peanut/oriental herb mix.

Óskar's starter, Thai seafood soup with prawn spring roll.

I *had* to have this lightly seared Hamachi starter - and it was a good choice. (I think the creamy stuff was Skyr.)

Grétar had an interesting starter of pumpking mousse with some other veggie ingredients - looked (and apparently tasted) like a dessert!

His salt fish main course. (It's sweet tamari sauce in the little bamboo thing. I don't think we needed that.)

Greedy and indecisive me went for the "Fantastic Four", a selection of different fish from their menu - salmon, tuna, salt fish and arctic char.

And Óskar had a vegetarian dish - just don't ask me what it was!
And now, the visual highlight of the evening. During our dinner, we saw some Americans, a few tables away, having an ice cream dish which came with a lot of smoke ice - and the guy at the next table said "welcome to Iceland!" So we *had* to have the same thing, of course!
Click on the image to watch the MP4 clip (1.5MB) - it's entitled "Smoke on the Watermelon".
Yes, it was a very nice evening indeed. It was a few days before the Krona crashed, so it wasn't that cheap, but it was worth it... :-)