20 June: We went over to Cynthia's place for the evening.

A kewpie in England uniform was looking out of her first floor window, so UsaKousa decided to join in.

In the kitchen (with two jukeboxes): there was a chilled bottle of pink prossecco waiting for us.

The fridge is filled with colourful bottles!

And a squid-shaped blue-glass one too.

We take our drinks up to the recently extended top-floor: it's very airy with balconies both front and back, and...

Against one wall, a chic music system including a lime iBook (running OSX!!!)

The wall opposite is lined with a glass showcase full of kewpies :-)
A couple of them are wearing tops with www.bunnies.de motiv (right and below); and of course, being a big Vivienne Westwood fan, I spotted the one on below right: kewpie in a miniature Westwood suit with bondage trousers, a matching shoulder bag (with miniature Westwood logo embroiderd!), and a SEX chain!! I'm jealous!!

Usako was feeling strong and offered to lift the England Kewpie's leg up...

...and he lifted her up in return, with just one hand.
UsaKousa then tried his England cap on... Are you sure, Usako?? (She's a Scot...)
In the mean time we'd switched to what they've been advertising at Marks & Sparks: Cava with Raspberry & pomegranate juice drink (except we substituted the Cava with Champagne ;-) It was delicious!!

Some of our nibbles came from M&S too. I love their small Deli Salads - edamame (& other beans) salad with spicy corriander dressing was my personal hit this evening.