24 Jan 2006: Oyster & Sancerre breakfast at KaDeWe with Hubi.

We usually have whatever sort they recommend on the day, but today the waiter said "they're all good", so we ordered a mixed plate for two, compirising of five different oysters. (And when you order 6 oysters at KaDeWe, they always give you 7 or 8 :-)

The Scottish ones were especially good, so we ordered another 6 of those, as well as some more wine.

They were really big and fleshy - shells so deep they looked like boats.

Some of the carcass.

We weren't the only ones who ordered seconds. By the time we paid and left, the guy next to us had had 2 plates of 6 oysters, the guy next to him had had 4 plates of 6... (!!)