Monday, 12 January: Nabe (hotpot) lunch at home, with (L to R) Atsuko, Kae, Toshiko (she's one of the people in the photo included in Cradle to Grave), Hitomi and Ichiro.

Two big crabs, kombu and cod for additional stock, and lots of veg. We also had fugu sashimi, deep-fried oysters and other delicacies as starters.

Plenty of sake (all from Hida region) and red wine on the side table. UsaKousa are already on the dessert.

Daikon, pork and eggs in sweet soy sauce, which Hitomi cooked at home and brought with her.

Wednesday, 21 January: Another nabe - this time with cod & tofu - at Natsumi's place in Berlin. I forgot to take photos until we finished eating. This is the leftover (ie. Natsumi's lunch - it tastes even better the next day :-)

Green tea langue de chat from Kyoto, and the famous "Luxemburgerli" from Sprüngli in Zürich (thanks, Bettina!) for afters. Both were delicious and disappeared very quickly...