31 May: Dinner at Unoya (Rabbit's House) in Osaka again, with Mariko & Noriko.

Our table is seperated from the corridor with this metal wire - we feel like animals in a zoo...
(Can you spot UsaKousa in this pic?)

Noriko's green tea cocktail called Cha Cha Cha in Gion (Gion is the traditional entertainment district of Kyoto, Cha is tea) - with some rice cakes in it!!

A bunny on a bunny plate.

"Salad of Kyoto vegetables from Mr. Kato's Garden" - with no dressing, you eat it with salted dried fish & salted combu strips (bottom left.) A nice combination of tastes.

Sake poured until it spills over... I've managed to steal this bunny glass :-))))

White sesame torte with tofu ice cream & a bunny drawn on plate with sugar (or perhaps stencilled???)

To dinner pix from 3 June