Thursday, 20 September: a fun evening at the second Sunflower Jam at Porchester Halls, in aid of the alternative therapy unit for cancer patients at UCLH, aiming to spread to other NHS hospitals. A champagne reception, organic dinner, music and other entertainment. Oh, and more champagne all the way. Drinking for a good cause makes you happily drunk...

Our main course of vegetable & goat cheese bake - looked huge, but in fact it was so light and yummy, I managed almost all of it. The meat choice, coq au vin (with free range chicken from Prince of Wales' farms), looked good too.

Strawberries & champagne, keeping UsaKousa very happy.
The champagne was De Telmont Grande Reserve - a very nice one. (And apparently last year's International Wine Awards gold medal winner.)
Throughout the dinner, we are entertained five belly dancers (all with amazing muscle control!) dancing onstage and between the tables. (Click on the image to view a short MP4 clip, 3.6MB.)
The MC of the evening, Jeremy Irons, also served as a very funny auction assistant. (No, I didn't buy anything this year.) Sir John Mortimer was in attendance this year too, so was Kathy Lette, Frida from ABBA, etc. etc. Later we drank more champagne and danced to some fine music...

Friday, 21 September: Basement Basement at Candid Art Basement Gallery, Islington, curated by Peter Todd and presented by Lux.

3-screen version of Dave's Pieces I Never Did.

A mannequin in the corner by the bar, sporting bunny ears.

After the show, it's time to drink & take photos of each other (as usual.)

And to catch each other's flash, of course.
Saturday, 22 September: drinks at Cynthia's, before going out for an Indian meal (sorry, no food pix.)

The Blue Lagoon swimsuit I sent from Iceland was a perfect fit for this kewpie.

The hi-fi corner consisting of lime iBook (with OSX installed on it!) and a strange green baby. UsaKousa are talking to a very small friend.