17 October: dinner at Chisou in Princes Street, with Hiroko - my *other* sister - and her husband, Tamotsu.

We seem to be the only Japanese here. Half-way through the dinner we figure out why: the sashimi looks really good and comes in thick, generous portions, so this is where the English sashimi lovers come and eat. Besides sashimi and sushi, the menu isn't particularly interesting, but we've had a very nice (albeit expensive) meal anyway. Thank you, Tamotsu, gochiso sama deshita!

A little salad with grilled scallops & salmon roes, with yuzu dressing.

Sushi - very expensive but very good too - despite the crappy photo (sorry!)

A one-eared labbit tomato, as garnish for the deep-fried oysters.

Wasabi ice cream - with a sharp aftertaste. Yummy.
19 October: dinner at Busaba Eathai in Store Street, with Jane & Dave. Everything is very good - except, perhaps the coconut rice, which is nothing special, despite the waiter's recommendation (we suspect they've given us a simple sticky rice by mistake.) The service is good and fast too. 3 main dishes + 3 side dishes + rice + wine comes to 20 pounds per head excl. tip, which is pretty good for this quality of food in London.
Clockwise from top left: Chinese broccoli with shiitake & garlic; cod deep-fried and then stir-fried with chilli; duck mussaman curry; a bottle of Pinot Grigio; yam pak (fruit & herb salad with sesame & tamarind - delicious!); Thai calamari; coconut rice; and grilled aubergines (very fine & refreshing.)

Dave photographing the food (while Jane tries to look very civilised...)

Dave posing for the *other* camera.

Girls enjoying their chilli, garlic & herbs.

Chilli, peppercorns and shallots among the remains of the cod.

Shallots etc. left over after the aubergines are gone.

And the Chinese broccoli dish has so many garlic slices in it - only a proportion is left over :-)

Time to put the bunny ears on - to the amusement of other diners. Apologies again for the crappy photo.

This time Dave's nearly in focus but Jane's face has grown long...