Saturday 4 November: Dave helped me burn my video (which Gavin helped me edit earlier in the week) onto a DVD, and he had all this food for us - the salmon with mushrooms from the local deli was gorgeous!

A wine bottle stopper :-)
Sunday 5 November: Last day of the Fast & Loose exhibition at Fieldgate Gallery. UsaKousa enjoying a carousel ride.
Wednesday 8 November: (left) big cheeses at Neals Yard Dairy.

(below) We tried Sushi Hiroba, a Korean-run kaiten joint in Holborn. Much better quality & better value than Yo! and others, and very efficient service by cute young Korean waitresses.

Mixed salad with yuzu dressing, big, fat slices of scallops sashimi, my soft-shell crab tempura, Dave H's veg tempura.

Speciality roll called "French Kiss": fried prawn, cucumber, avocado & surimi with house mayo, wine & cherry sauce, fish roe.
Thursday 9 November: Dinner at the Wolseley in Piccadilly, with Sir John Mortimer and Kathy Lette - which I had "bought" in a charity auction. They're both lovely people, we drank champagne, chatted, drank more champagne, for hours!
(Oh, and ate some very nice fish & oysters too.)

(L to R): our friend Dan, Kathy, drunken A & UK, Sir John.
Shame the front of Kathy's outfit cannot be seen in this rather out-of-focus photo. She'd sewn dried pasta of various shapes into it, and they looked interesting.