9 November: Opening of Her Noise exhibition at the South London Gallery.

Hayley and her partner, Aaron

Dave photographing Aaron being photographed by me...
Later on in the pub: Dave looking very serious - or stunned? Or was he just drunk and content?? ;-)
10 November: Lunch with Ricca at RASA seafood Indian restaurant in Charlotte Street.

Crab with onions & spices - I know you can't see much of the crab, but there was lots of it underneath all the onions (inc. the huge claw at the bottom of the pic), and delicious too. The thing behind Kousa is our tomato rice.

This dish of aubergine in lemony yogurt sauce was very refreshing. After the main course, we were too full to try either the mango sorbet or the banana dosa :-(((
Bootleg Hello Kitties in Oxford Street (left); my acquisitions from John Lewis (below).
Selfridge's have some nice window display at the moment, for the upcoming Xmas shopping season. I went back to take some photos, only to find out there were many other people taking photos too!

A window with bears of all sizes, plus scantily clad manequinns among them...

Fridges full of seals & pink champagne, respectively, and a golden penguin on top.

Another shot. The seals were what caught my eye in the first place, as my bus drove past the store earlier in the day - a bit like my Kaninchan haben keinen Mund installation, though much more humane.

Another fridge was filled with Santa Claus chocolate figures, and this one with pink champagne, plus a couple of happily drunk penguins in front of it.
A champagne train - click on the image to view as MP4 (528KB).
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