Saturday 11 March: Flew in to London, just in time for the reunion dinner with around 30 Alumni from Canadian Academy, Kobe, who are currently resident in Europe - from the Classes of 1965 to 2005 - downstairs at Yoisho in Goodge Street.

We sat between this group (Class of 84, ie. a few years below me) and...

... and this "pretty young" group (Class of 97).
At the other end of the room was a big table of "really young" guys. The photo on the right was an accidental shot (ie. I was drunk and didn't know what I was doing), I don't know the girl but somehow like this image (yeah, probably because she's cute :-)

In the middle section were the older Alumni, though some of us hopped between tables, as seen here.

These girls are mother and daughter (and Norwegian, btw.)
We'd pre-ordered some edamame, omlette à la okonomiyaki and pork fried with kim-chi, as appetizers to share (which the school paid for), and everyone ordered the main dishes and drinks themselves.

No, no, Eugenia (doing MA in Fine Art at Camberwell, after studying at NYU) is not eating all that edamame on her own!

The kim-chi pork and someone's sashimi (and most people seemed to be drinking Kirin beer, except in my corner - they all saw my sake and ordered some for themselves - am I a bad influence on young people or what?!)

The '84 Class ordered some sukiyaki.

Someone's agedashi tofu further down the table.
Sunday 12 March: Dim sum lunch at New World in Chinatown, with 3 of the Frank Chickens; then off to see the Tate Triennial, which was very good (though the layout was very confusing!) Oh, if you haven't seen the Evening Standard article about Cosey Fanni Tutti's participation in the show ("Tate to show porn star 30 years after the ICA outrage"), you can read it here.

The only photo I managed to take at the dim sum lunch...

And my take-away sushi afterwards (from the basement of Japan Centre in Piccadilly - the best source for good quality take-away sushi at reasonable prices!)