11 July: Walking around EC1 in the afternoon, we came across this house with bull's heads.

At the local branch of Nicholas: the window's all pink!

Does anyone know where this street name comes from?
At All Bar One in the evening: a bottle of rosé Pinot Grigio.
They had some tasty sounding nibbles on the menu, but everything we ordered, they came back a few minutes later to say "...er, excuse me, we've run out of it..." so that we had to keep ordering something else! What we ended up with was ok, but I was so disappointed by then I didn't take any pictures : - (

12 July: we picked up a bottle of rosé Sancerre to drink in bed, with Plantain crisps and other nibbles.

13 July: an extremely hot day. Lunch at the Fence (I think it was called) near Farringdon station - tonnes of mineral water, another glass of rosé Sancerre, and Rioja.

They had "Rabbit and Mango Salad with lime dressing" on the menu, we asked them to do one without the rabbit (as we had our own :-) It came with some cute baby olives, perfect size for UsaKousa.

Salad Niçoise with a yellow fin tuna steak.
Afternoon drink at Bertorelli's in Charlotte Street. Ricca had an iced coffee, we drank another litre of mineral water, and some Pinot Grigio.