30 January: We visit the wife and are greeted by these Christmas lights & music in the hallway!

Click on the image to view an MP4 clip (27 seconds, 1.5MB)

Sour cherry lemonade from Waitrose, scones with jam, and Yvonne Spielmann's Video: The Reflexive Medium (contains a chapter on wife's work.)

Usakousa having a good look at wife's toes & Mauritius beach, while a nameless friend tries to catch their attention.
© David Larcher

At dim t in Gloucester Road: wife holding the last of our starter seafood dumplings and contemplating - penny for your thoughts :-)

The cod is lovely - in a very fine and crispy batter and aromatic Thai sauce. Pictured here with our side order of mixed veg & some fast moving chopsticks over rice.
1 February: It's Friday night - time for a little get-together at Cynthia's.

Dave's brought 2 bottles of champagne - this Veuve, and what was the other one??

My humble contribution: Marks & Spencer's spicy hummous and brown pitta.

This tiny bunny has had a few months' holiday in Berlin and is now back home. But then Cynthia is ready with even tinier bunnies for me!!!

And yes, that on the left is a MacBook, and this is the desktop image :-)
We go to eat at Ida, a cozy family-run Italian restaurant in Kilburn Lane.

Left: UsaKousa hugging our prossecco bottle, with Dave's mobile & Dave's & Cynthia's hands in the background.

Cynthia's cheese & pear starter, and Dave's bruchetta with tomatoes.

And my mixed vegetarian antipasti. (no main course photos - sorry!)

Back to Cynthia's for more champagne/prossecco. UsaKousa spot a nice blue lamp by the window.

And the floor is pink... and yellow.

Cynthia's "cubes corner": a vaccuum cleaner, a speaker, and... ???

Discussions on vaccuum cleaners follow...
2 February: Meeting up with Dave again, to go and see the Laughing in a Foreign Language show at the Hayward. But first we have to have lunch - at the BFI restaurant.

My Pinot Grigio, Dave's London Pride, and the little mechanical bunny he's brought along, called MP.

MP's a busy boy, looking this way or that, whatever the camera people tell him to do...
Then our food arrives: my grilled salmon + mashed potato with spring onions, the "DIY chip butty" to share, and Dave's tomato & mozzarella.

These fat chips are so good - but really filling too! The mustard mayonnaise on the side is also delicious.

The little guy's now decided to talk to the butter (yes, he talks!) and he seems quite happy doing that...
Getting back to Heathrow after so much Art, we have a few minutes for a (small but potent) Bloody Mary and a little salad in the BA lounge before our flight back home.