Friday, 19 January: a great dinner at the Primrose Hill branch of Fishworks.

My starter, steamed clams with Manzanilla sherry & corriander (and quite a bit of onion too - lovely!) I had a glass of the said sherry as aperitif, which was nice too.

Dave had scallops with garlic & lemon. As with the clams, both the shellfish and the sauce were delicious.
The couple sitting at the next table had some mussles to share, and they looked really delicious - very fresh and fleshy. They saw me looking and asked if I wanted to take a photo or have a taste... but I was too polite to say yes.

But it was their main course, wild sea bass for 2, which looked truly amazing. It was big enough to feed 4 people (I know it doesn't look it in the photo, I was pretty much zoomed out), and this time I didn't hesitate to say yes when they asked me if I wanted a taste. And it was absolutely wonderful - very tender but with intensive flavour at the same time - we thought our snapper fillet/deep-fried Lyme Bay whiting were good, but this was even better!

The only problem with this restaurant is that the portions are far too big, so next time we'd better stick to sharing a few starters (mussles, crab, etc.) and between 2 people.

Talking of crabs: Marks & Spencers' layered dressed Oakney crab (3 pounds) is heavenly. They also do a "luxury" version (6 pounds) with Norwegian crabmeat, which I'll have to try too...

Saturday, 20 January: A stroll through the new Camden Lock market. Surprised to see so many Japanese/Chinese "Goth Loli" stalls. Found a stall selling accessories, clocks, lampshades and stationery made of circuit boards, and picked up a couple of key rings.

Sunday, 21 January: A buffet lunch at home with Cynthia, a couple of Dave's local Portugese friends, and Axel (freshly flown in from Germany and staying with us for the night), with stuff from the local Fresh & Wild, Marks & Spencer and some fried prawn & bacalao cakes from the Portugese corner shop - and I didn't take a single picture!!! We all had a nice afternoon anyway...

Later on, in the pub. UsaKousa stealing Axel's Grolsch and Dave's Weissbier to get into a rock & roll mood.

Later still, at the end of the Jim Capaldi tribute concert at the Roundhouse: with Axel and Les (freshly arrived from Conneticut...)
Monday, 22 January: After a big pub breakfast, we hit the Haverstock Arms, late Tony Ashton's local in Belsize Park. After which, we struggled our way (thanks to the severely disrupted service on Northern and Piccadilly Lines) down to Hard Rock Cafe.

Left: Axel getting UsaKousa more drunk. Below: I was on my pomegranate margarita.

Axel having flown back home in the evening, a dinner for 2 at Waka in Camden. Dave feeding the girls some burdock & carrots.

Lightly seared scallop sushi - expensive but really delicious! (Everything except sushi is very reasonably priced at this restaurant though, and they have a very authentic Izakaya menu - good to have this around the corner!)
Tuesday, 23 January: Went to see my wife before we both flew back to Germany. UsaKousa were very happy to finish off his leftover carrots & cauliflower with cranberry sauce (and wife & I helped too. I really enjoyed wife's home cooking :-) .