Saturday, 18 December: Thai lunch with Ricca at Busaba Eathai. Prawns & beans and mixed seafood, with brown rice. Very spicy and good. Seems to have worked well against Ricca's hangover too :-)

In the evening, we go round to Cynthia's. UsaKousa sharing a brie & cranberry in filo pasty with the fairy kewpie.
(Note the new carrot on Usako's ear - another present from Cynthia!)

Under the bright & colourful Christmas tree (left), and saying hello to seasonal kewpies by the window (above).
Sunday, 19 December: At Gina & Mike's, UsaKousa watch the white street landscape outside. They have two cats, and the white one just knows how photogenic he is!!
Thursday, 23 December: As our flight to Berlin is cancelled for the second time and we have to stay another night in London, we go and visit wife & Chris in Batcave - where Usakousa learn this is how brussel sprouts grow.

Our nibbles later - lots of raw veg, and a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Mmm, just what we needed...