Sunday, 25 March 2012: As we arrive at Ambika P3 Gallery, at the back of University of Westminster on Marylebone Road, we bump into Steve Beresford! He's meeting his friend Patsy Craig, and so we go in together to see the David Hall show.

Usakousa watching End Piece from above. And we walk around to see the smaller pieces at the back, where it gets really interactive...

© P. Craig

Steve on the monitor on the far left, Kousa on the second monitor, Patsy with my camera on the third, and Usako on the last monitor. (See details below.)

© P. Craig
After a coffee at Pret around the corner, Steve and Patsy are going to Tate Modern to see the Boetti show, so we decide to tag along - and are glad we did, it's a very good exhibition.

As we come out of the show, we see a group of 5 girls sleeping at a table by the shop. I guess watching art is exhausting??

We decide to head upstairs to the cafe, where we all order a little beetroot & goat's cheese salad.

Patsy has to go, but Steve and we go in to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibition too - UsaKousa loved the mirrored "infinity" room (below.)

Usakousa and Steve giving each other the eye...
We then had to dash off to Oxford Circus, to buy these bunny marshmallows at John Lewis before they shut at 6PM (as I couldn't make up my mind the other day...)

Our early evening snack: spicy fried salmon maki & spinach with sesame dressing from Japan Centre, freeze-dried matsutake soup, and a small fruit salad. (Usakousa always get the strawberries.)

Oh, and Usakousa also have some chocolate truffles in a carrot bag - from Leyssieffer shop at Tegel Airport.