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Friday, 28 November

At Feng Sushi in Notting Hill Gate: my veggie salad with pickles (and nice and big carrot slices!) + Dave's salmon & tuna sushi/sashimi/tempura set.

That's me waving one of the carrot slices (with black & white sesame seeds on it) about...
Saturday, 29 November

A busy shopping day - we didn't do any shots of our lunch (monk's vegetable noodle soup at the cheap Vietnamese place on Wardour Street we go to a lot) because it was nothing new...

In the evening we went to see our friend Cynthia and her kewpies (these on the right are only part of the big family!)

While we were having a drink, I told Cynthia about our food group (she thought it was a great idea) and about the mushroom topic that we had a while ago, she said I should perhaps photograph the object on top of her TV set - which I did. At the time I hadn't even noticed it was David Beckham who was on TV right at that moment!!

We then went for a meal at the Academy pub in trendy W11. A salad with grilled goat's cheese & avocado on the left, mine's a mixed bean & veg cake with grilled goat's cheese on top.
Sunday, 30 November

For lunch, we went with our friend Keiko Yoshida to an Okonomiyaki restaurant on Museum Street. Each table has a built-in hotplate, on which they cook the okonomiyaki for you. (In okonomiyaki places in Japan you can either ask the staff to do it for you or opt to do it yourself - the latter is more fun.) Here the waitress is mixing the ingredients in a small bowl in front of us. We saw (and later tasted) some decent size prawns in there.

While we were waiting for our okonomiyaki to be cooked, our other order - omusoba with squid - arrived. It's yakisoba (fried noodles Japanese style) wrapped with a thin layer of omlette, the dish is a kind of a variation of omuraisu (omlette-rice), every kid's favourite. The pattern on the surface was made with ketchup and mayonnaise.

The timing was perfect - the okonomiyaki was ready when we finished the noodles! (And they were both very good.)

And we couldn't resist the desserts either: fruit anmitsu (agar agar cubes + fresh fruit + sweet azuki beans + little rice cakes) on the left; mine, on the right, consisted of rice cakes, azuki beans, kiwi slices and green tea ice cream.
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