Wednesday, 14 September: at Donzoko (literally "rock bottom") in Kingly Street, Soho: aubergine sliced lengthways and grilled, with sweet miso sauce (the brown bit), sprinkled with chilli mix powder (orange), nori flakes (green) and sesame seeds. Yum! (And yes, the dish in the right hand corner is kimchi :-)
Friday, 16 September: at Paddington station, they had a display/information stand to promote the Department of Helath's "5 a day (vegs/fruit)" campaign - with a huge carrot!

On the Millenium Bridge, after the Alvin Lucier concert at the Tate Modern. St. Paul's has merged into Dave's head (or vice versa), and Hayley's eyes are covered in lights too.

A bit boring with a flash...
Saturday, 17 September: another hot day. Time for a Pimms in a pub, on the way to Beaconsfield to see Hayley Newman & David Crawforth's live piece, Monkey Diner.

Waiting to be served at our table...

...spicy soup (a huge portion for 2 pounds, and it's very spicy and good!)
...prepared and served by monkeys.
The other item on the menu was Banana Split for 1 pound - unfortunately, they told us that the ice cream had melted by this time, so we were expecting a "Banana sans Split", but ended up with a "Melted Banana Split".

The floor of the kitchen area.

An assistant monkey clearing up.

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