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We joined the *civilised* party at the Art Academy some time between 10-10:30. People around our table were drinking Irish Whisky, some others were drinking red or white wine, we ourselves brought some sparkling white & leftover brennivín from our fridge.
But then Usako started experimenting with white wine, and Jez gave her the last drop of the Irish whisky too.
Kousa followed suite, and ended up drenched in white wine, so Akiko had to go and wash her under the tap... (Not photographed, but does that perhaps remind you of another incident in London, Fast? ;-) She came back wrapped in toilet paper, looking like a mummy.
OK, and now it's time for us to get down to the floor...
...and Professor Welsh decide to teach Usako how to camera-assist.
In the mean time, Kousa is turning into more and more of an installation on the floor...and Jez then takes the cap of the Brennivín bottle off and puts it on Usako's ear, thus turning her into a sculpture too. (Very mean, should be reported to RSPCA!)
A weird one...
(Btw, in the above photo it looks like Usako is menstruating, but it's just a drop of red wine...)